Reality is spiritual. The spiritual is reality. What do these statements mean? They mean many things, but more than anything else, they recognise that the reality that we experience has a dimension that is not reducible to the material facts of existence. For centuries, people have defined themselves by their nationalities, their racial or their gender identities. More recently, people have been defined by their work, their job, their “vocation”. At Spiritual Reality, we’re interested in the idea of transforming work, jobs, and identity itself, from professions into vocations. The old kinds of jobs are dematerialising every day. People are feeling fear, anxiety, depression, and anger over this change. Spiritual Reality would like to ask the following question: what if this isn’t a tragedy? What if the changes to the culture of labour are an opportunity for liberation?


Instead of seeking meaning through outmoded and increasingly irrelevant methods, Spiritual Reality allows you to look deeper, deeper into yourself, your interests, your values, your goals. Instead of relying on other people to define you, why not define yourself? Our team of professional digital consultants offer a level of understanding and analysis that human consultants cannot. They know our clients better than any boss or teacher ever could. In fact, sometimes they understand our clients better than our clients understand themselves. Virtual realms can provide an escape from reality, it’s true, but, if you understand them like Spiritual Reality does, they can become the pathways for creating a truer reality than the material world currently offers. You’ve heard of Second Life, and maybe you’ve read about other models in fiction, for example, the DeepArcher platform in Thomas Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge, but Spiritual Reality is about going deeper than even DeepArcher: our expert digital consultants will guide you, with the help of whatever augmentations you may require (digital, cultural, or chemical) to a greater, more encompassing truth. Instead of seeking a reality that accommodates the spiritual, make the spiritual reality with Spiritual Reality. We’re waiting to help you become yourself.